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3. Barking deer (Muntiacus muntjak)

A variety of local trees can provide food and habitats for many animals, which will enrich the biodiversity of our country parks and nature reserves.


What kinds of animals would like to live in our improved woodland?

You might find barking deer, the only type of deer in Hong Kong.


That’s why they are also known as ‘Hong Kong deer’.


They got this name because of their special dog bark-like sound and their reddish-brown to light brown fur.


Generally, barking deers are sensitive to humans. If you’re lucky to come across one, please take care of them by staying at a distance.



Live in woodland



Want to know more about local animals?

Go and visit the Hong Kong Biodiversity Information System .


The health of people is interconnected and interdependent with the health of trees and the wider eco-system. We need to look after one another, whilst taking care of the environment.

From today till 31 July, The Green Earth, together with Bupa and our Bupa4Life members* will 'plant' a virtual One Health woodland for Hong Kong through a step challenge.

We aims to promote the concept of 'One Health' – the relationship between the health of humans and nature.

Let's learn more about Hong Kong's woodlands and their biodiversity, and discover the positive impacts through walking!

Let's work out for more steps!
Build a local woodland in four - stages.

Transform your steps into (virtual) trees and rewards.

Check out the prizes here for the 100 top performing steppers of the month.